Chevron Houston Marathon 2022

Chevron Houston Marathon 2022

This will be by far the biggest weekend ever for the RunnersFix family. The anticipation has been building for weeks, maybe even months, but the time has finally come! And the planning and hard work has been accumulating over an entire year. We’re all finally ready to hit the streets of Houston!

So what have things been like during this time for our runners? To get started, training for a marathon and half marathon requires strength, determination and mental toughness to compete not only against ourselves and fellow runners, but also against difficult terrain and challenging weather conditions. We race uphills, through hot or cold conditions, and over long distances to reach that magical finish line. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a good mood or when in a bad mood; when the workout is hard or when the workout is easy. We developed these consistent, disciplined running habits and now we’re going to see where it takes us. And it’s great to want to race other competitors, but our biggest opponent is ourself. We’re the only person who can beat our PR, so we’re planning to get out there and beat the past versions our ourselves while also chasing future versions of ourself at the same time! Our team has been stacking workout after workout, training cycle after training cycle, to set them up for this big day! When I tell you they’re ready I really mean it!

Marathon (Runner / PR):

Coach Jon Mott - 2:17:30

Kaelani Leone - 2:55:32

Svetlana Golovneva - Debut

Nick Marraro - 2:31:28

Jeff Bowman - 3:13:03

Christina Welsh - 2:44:35

Pedro Bernotti - Debut

Corey Joyner - 3:15:30

Paul Gibbs - 4:28:54

Margaret Janicki - 4:03:16

Jason Stafford - 2:54:55

Larry Lawrence - 3:42:13

Steph Leone - Debut

David Reiber - 3:47:08

Haley Alam - 3:16:58

Half Marathon (Runner / PR):

Rhonda Fosser - 1:44:44

Chris Baker - 1:50:00

Matthew Johnson - 1:56:00

Ellen Jones - 3:02:23

Matt Taddeo - 1:09:17

Ashley Ely - 2:22:45

Al Vigne - 1:42:42

David Crabtree - 1:52:39

John Lancaster - 1:52:00

Kim Baker - 2:45:00

Melanie Cookson -1:49:44

Emma Deloach - 2:09:00

Beril Nar - Debut

Danielle Nasello - 2:25:53

Leah Metelnikow - 2:20:10