The results of the 127th Boston Marathon

The results of the 127th Boston Marathon

The results of the 127th Boston Marathon! What an experience it was for RunnersFix to be represented so well at such a high level race. Just getting to this race is a huge achievement itself! Boston is known for the high energy type atmosphere but it’s really something you have to experience to understand. One of the other unique things about Boston is its course. It has both the downhills and the uphills which can make it very challenging, especially with the placement of where the hills come in the race. The early downhills and the Newton Hills between miles 16 to 21 need to be respected. The weather is also a big factor with this race. The course runs point to point. It’s pretty much a straight shot from Hopkinton to Boylston St. The weather ended up being temps in mid 50s, some on and off rain, and 8-10mph headwind. So not too bad but maybe not the best. I really think the squad managed it well though. We still had some really strong performances! I’m really proud to be the coach of these runners. They’ve come so far just to get to this point. In a way this race was almost like a celebration. And it seemed that way for so many of the runners. Let’s please give them the biggest congratulations! It’s well earned!

Here’s how they performed:

• Jonathan Hulzebos - 2:29:40

• Svetlana Golovneva - 3:21:28

• Jason Stafford - 3:25:22

• Cole Bataille - 2:39:45

• Nick Marraro - 2:36:21

• Corey Joyner - 2:54:15

• Haley Alam - 3:20:14

• Laura Jansik - 3:55:30

• Justin Hoagland - 2:40:44

• Jeff Bowman - 3:25:26

• Pedro Bernotti - 3:07:06

• Teresa Huff - 3:29:54

• Steph Zugrave - 3:47:54

• Kaelani Leone - 3:12:58

• Larry Lawrence - 3:54:35

• John Huffman - 3:03:11

• Eric Bumgartner - 3:11:07

Also, Jess Barnes competed in the BAA 5K on Saturday where she ran 23:00! This was over a 1 minute PR!