Watermelon 5K #3

Watermelon 5K #3

What a hot morning it was for the last race of the 28th Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5K Series!

Going into this race we knew ahead of time that it was shaping out to be one of the hottest races in the 28 years this series has been taking place. We knew we had to be smart out there with the dew point reaching over 80. Preventing overheating for as long as possible was the main focus. I would say it paid off as we had many age group wins and even a podium finish on the female side. It was definitely a tough day to run fast out there. I think the strength of our performances really show with the age group placements.

Now the summer training cycle has officially come to an end. This will go down as one of the toughest summers for both training and racing. Most of our runners will now be taking a down week before we get back to the training for some fall racing. Congrats to everyone who raced!

David Crabtree- 26:00. 2nd in AG.

Rhonda Fosser- 25:16. 1st in AG.

Haley Alam- 20:35. 3rd OA Female. 2nd in AG.

Corey Joyner- 18:23. 1st in AG.

Steven Moroney- 21:50. 6th in AG.

Nikki Hoagland- 22:04. 5th in AG.

Victor Costa- 22:59. 10th in AG.

Yvonne Robinson- 25:54. 1st in AG.

John Lancaster- 23:49. 3rd in AG.

Marina McCourt- 21:59. 1st in AG.

Maria Di Bella- 28:26. 4th in AG.

Ashley Torres- 23:55. 5th in AG.

Tanner Baeder- 20:34. 3rd in AG.

Marcos Vidaurre- 21:46. 7th in AG.

Jennifer Jenkins- 31:29. 13th in AG.

Amy Whann- 28:31. 5th in AG.

Corey McCourt- 18:51. 3rd in AG.

Matthew Johnson- 25:55. 7th in AG.

Alissa McQuaig- 35:28. 29th in AG.

Lake Sprenkle- 19:04. 2nd in AG.

Allie Baron- 23:53. 4th in AG.

Al Vigne- 24:28. 3rd in AG.

Kim Jones- 30:48. 6th in AG.

Virginia Summer- 22:01. 1st in AG.

Ana Rios- 20:23. 2nd OA Female. 1st in AG.

Carlos Bernotti- 20:21. 5th in AG.