Watermelon Series 5K #1

Watermelon Series 5K #1

28th Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K #1

This morning we sent out a huge group to compete in the first race of Lakeland’s well known Watermelon 5K race series! The race is one lap around the beautiful Lake Hollingsworth and like usual the conditions were hot and humid. Since the end of the half marathon/marathon race season this last winter/spring, we’re now having our runners focus on the shorter distances, especially while it’s so hot during the summer. The Watermelon races have always been a good checkpoint for our runners looking to build fitness and be ready for the longer stuff in the fall/winter. I’m proud of how everyone ran this morning. It was not the best setup to run fast but our squad got it done. Huge congrats for their strong efforts!

David Crabtree - 27:11. 2nd in AG.

Ashley Torres - 24:42. 5th in AG.

Alissa McQuaig - 33:50. 27th in AG.

Virginia Summer - 21:57. 1st in AG.

Corey McCourt - 18:24. 3rd in AG.

Jennifer Jenkins - 31:29. 13th in AG.

Yvonne Robinson - 26:08. 1st in AG.

Matthew Johnson - 25:01. 4th in AG.

Amy Whann - 28:02. 4th in AG.

Kim Jones - 29:54. 5th in AG.

Justin Hoagland - 16:36. 2nd OA.

Meg Weatherly - 34:09. 27 in AG.

Marissa McQuaig - 46:38. 34th in AG.

Tanner Baeder - 20:39. 6th in AG.

Sarah Holt - 32:18. 9th in AG.

Matt Karl - 17:27. 1st in AG / 8th OA.

Matt Alvis - 27:20. 26th in AG.

Marina McCourt - 21:19. 2nd in AG / 8th OA.

Cole Bataille - 17:44. 2nd Masters OA / 10th OA.

Steve Moroney - 21:37. 6th in AG.

Rhonda Fosser - 25:28. 1st in AG.

Tyler Herod - 18:16. 2nd in AG.

Bryan Grullon - 21:54. 7th in AG.

Eliana Amador - 26:21. 3rd in AG.

Ana Rios - 21:54. 1st in AG.

Landon Harsin - 19:13. 5th in AG.

Svetlana Golovneva - 21:35. 2nd in AG.

Neal Beegle - 19:22. 2nd in AG.

Carlos Bernotti - 20:17. 7th in AG.

Beto Amador - 22:10. 4th in AG.

Maria Di Bella - 26:44. 4th in AG.

Allie Baron - 22:54. 2nd in AG.

Matt Poirier - 22:57. 8th in AG.

Jon Vasquez - 23:02. 10th in AG.

Molly Crum - 23:15. 3rd in AG.

Al Vigne - 23:29. 2nd in AG.

Tiffany Rawles - 35:00. 23rd in AG.